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Marion Berktold

// vocals


Marion hails from southern Germany, was raised in northern Germany, and now found her calling performing German music of all styles around the world.


Marc Gokenbach

// keys, vocals


Marc has performed music since he was six. His various acts in America have toured from California to the New York Islands.


Gian Vianello
// guitar, accordion, vocals


Gian was raised in a musical family. After touring the globe with many acts, he wisely chose German tunes as his music of choice.

Michaele Postell 

// vocals


Michaele was a trained opera singer until Folksmusic and Deutscherock turned out to be her true calling.

Carter Dunkin
// bass


Carter's childhood studying violin had no bearing on his career with ÜberCool. Upon learning he flew to München solely to buy a Porsche, we knew he was our guy.

Michael Major

// drums


Though his childhood was spent in Berlin and Hamburg, Michael's musical tastes evolved as a professional, allowing him to embrace Bavarian Schlager as an accepted art form.